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Annie Leonhart is a major character in the popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan. She is a member of the 104th Training Corps and a former member of the Military Police Brigade. She is a stoic and highly skilled soldier, and is known for her cold and calculating demeanor. Annie is a highly skilled fighter, and is known for her ability to fight in hand-to-hand combat. She is also a master of the 3D Maneuver Gear, and is able to use it to great effect in battle.

She is also a master of the vertical maneuvering equipment, and is able to use it to great effect in battle. Annie is a highly intelligent individual, and is able to think quickly and come up with strategies in the heat of battle. She is also a master of disguise, and is able to blend in with her surroundings and hide her identity. Annie is a highly loyal individual, and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her friends and comrades.

She is also a highly determined individual, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Annie Leonhart Hentai is a complex character, and her motivations and actions are often difficult to understand. She is a mysterious individual, and her true intentions are often difficult to discern. Despite her cold and calculating demeanor, she is a highly sympathetic character, and her struggles and motivations are often relatable.

Annie is a little kid of impressively short level with a little yet exceptionally solid form and physical make-up. She has reasonably short light hair that is frequently tied at the back with her right periphery for the most part hanging over the right half of her face (however she will in general push it to the side once in a while, potentially for better perceivability); at present she wears it out and it falls somewhat underneath her neck.

She has an oval-formed face, blue eyes, a Roman nose, and pale composition. Her hair is especially pale and, when loosened, arrives at down the scruff of her neck. Her eyes, in spite of the fact that of significant size and extent, frequently have a dour energy to their appearance. Annie’s easygoing clothing essentially comprises of a hooded pullover under a coat joined by dim dark jeans. She is many times found in the Preparation Corps uniform and afterward the Tactical Police Unit uniform after graduation.

However Annie much of the time wears hooded pullovers as a component of her standard clothing, she likewise wears her unmistakable white hooded pullover as a feature of her standard military clothing. During unsafe attack on titan hentai missions, it is inferred that she generally wears her silver ring, which has a little collapsing sharp edge, on her right forefinger; she involves the cutting edge as her essential method for making self-injury change into her Female Titan structure whenever.

Annie’s appearance as the Female Titan changes radically, however her general physical make-up and facial highlights remain for the most part something similar. The Titan body comprises basically of uncovered muscle tissue, with discernibly restricted skin inclusion, and fingers made from bone. Alongside a gigantic contrast in range from Annie’s human structure, its face is weighed down with muscle lining, quite under the cheeks giving it the capacity to extend its mouth definitely more than it appears, alongside yellowish teeth.

Contrasted with most of different Titans experienced, Annie’s Female Titan structure appears to be a lot more grounded and all the more in great shape, bearing a slender form with noticeable muscle definition. As it’s name recommends, it is additionally the main Titan to show up actually female.

Because of her unforgiving childhood, Annie has turned into a confined, exclusionary individual; fellowships don’t come to her without any problem. She is seldom seen grinning and frequently has a deadpan articulation. She is detached and sluggish, with little longing to invest any energy into inane disciplines or exercises, and on second hentai gallery thought professes to zero in solely on making it into the Tactical Police Unit to acquire a simple life.

While Annie will in general have a reasonable point of view, she holds an interest and even sensations of regard towards individuals who have a profound feeling of obligation and uprightness — individuals who give their lives to and even bite the dust for purposes they trust in.

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